Completed Projects

Pre-Contract Q S Service

Project Name Location Value (RO) Completed Client
1 Muscat OASIS – Phase IV (Residential & Commercial Complex Bausher 30.0 M September 2009 H.E. Sheikh Salim bin Ali Al Siyabi
2 Residential Complex with Club House Sohar 17.0 M August 2009 Private Investor
3 New Headquarter Building M A M 6.5 M September 2009 Ministry of Defence Pension Fund
4 National Defence College MAM 6.5 M November 2009 Ministry of Defence
5 Commercial Complex, Central Business District, Ruwi Greater Muttrah 6.5 M January 2008 Private Investor
6 Proposed Public Park Buraimi 4.5 M April 2008 Ministry of Regional Municipality & Environment
7 Commercial & Residential Complex Al Khoudh 4.0 M December 2009 H.H. Sayyid Shihab Tariq Taimur Al Said
8 Government Office Complex for GCC Shatti Al Qurum 3.9 M Ministry of Foreign Affairs
10 18 Villa Complex with Health Club at SICO Hills Al Qurum 3.0 M June 2009 Private Investor
11 Extension to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Building 3.0 M October 2009 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
12 Financial analysis and reporting on tenders for Qurum Environmental Information Centre Qurum 2.6 M December 2007 Ministry of Regional Municipality & Environment
13 Demolition and re-construction of Jama'a Mohammed bin Abaad Mosque Qurum 1.8 M August 2007 Ministry of Awqaf & Religious Affairs
14 Proposed Housing Development on Plot No. 55 Qurum 1.5 M November 2009 H.E. Shaikh Abdullah bin Rashid Al Kalbani
15 Seeb International Airport Passenger Terminal Project Cost Plan for short term expansion plan Seeb 1.5 M November 2007 Oman Airport Management Co.
16 Construction of Main Building Sohar 1.2 M November 2009 Sohar Development Office, Diwan of Royal Court
17 Sanitary Landfill Nizwa 0.9 M June 2007 Ministry of Regional Municipality & Environment
18 Mosque Nizwa 0.75 M June 2007 Ministry of Awqaf & Religious Affairs
19 Extension to the Diplomatic Club Al Khuwair 0.25 M June 2007 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
20 Tourism Security Police Station at Airport Heights Seeb June 2009 Royal Oman Police
21 Proposed Villa, Accommodation & Kitchen Blocks Musannah June 2009 Government Office, Oman
22 Administration and other buildings Salalah 0.5 M June 2008 Royal Estates, The Palace
23 Communicable Disease Centre Rusayl Ind. Area 0.2 M October 2009 Public Establishment for Ind. Estates
24 ID Card Building Ibra October 2009 Ministry of Manpower
26 Azzan bin Qais Private School December 2009 Private Investor
27 New RAO Camp Haima 14.2 M February 2010 Ministry of Defence
29 Royal Cavalry – Proposed development at AL ADIYAT Al Adiyat 2.0 M March 2010 Royal Court Affairs (DIWAN)
30 AL HIJRA Traditional Market Al Hijra, Sohar 2.0 M May 2010 Sohar Development Office
31 SOHAR Women Society Sohar 0.3 M June 2010 Sohar Development Office
32 Slaughter House Sohar 0.3 M July 2010 Sohar Development Office
33 Construction of BURAIMI Mosque Buraimi 0.8 M July 2010 Ministry of Endowment & Religious Affairs
34 Construction of QURUM Mosque Qurum 2.0 M August 2010 Ministry of Endowment & Religious Affairs
35 Construction of 24 FOQ at BAF Camp BAF 0.5 M September 2010 Ministry of Defence
36 Construction of Mechanical Transport Workshop MAM 2.0 M September 2010 Ministry of Defence
37 Expansion of Computer Building MAM September 2010 Ministry of Defence
38 Construction of 8 Nos. FOQs Mussandam 0.6 M September 2010 Ministry of Defence
39 Construction of 2 x 24 FOQ at BAF Camp BAF 0.5 M September 2010 Ministry of Defence
40 Archive & Meeting Hall MAM October 2010 Ministry of Defence
41 COSSAF House MAM 1.0 M October 2010 Ministry of Defence
42 Construction of Officers Accomm MAM 1.2 M October 2010 Ministry of Defence
43 IT Workshop SHAFA October 2010 Ministry of Defence
44 Royal Cavalry – Proposed development Al Safinat 8.0 M August 2010 Royal Court Affairs (DIWAN)
45 Slaughter House BURAIMI 2.0 M October 2010 Muscat Regional Municipality
46 PORT SULTAN QABOOS MUTTRAH Multi M March 2011 Port Services Corporation (SAOG)
47 USO OR Accommodation MAM April 2011 Ministry of Defence
48 New Accommodation RAFO LANSAB June 2011 Ministry of Defence
49 Proposed Buraimi Station BURAIMI Multi M Novemeber 2011 Govt. Office, Oman
50 Mixed Use Dev. at Plot No. 654 (Pkg.1&2) AL KHUWAIR Multi M 2011 Sky Garden
52 Military Training Camp MANAH 200 M March 2012 Ministry of Defence
53 USO JOQ & FOQ Accommodation MAM   May 2012 Ministry of Defence
54 Proposed Villas at Royal Flight Residential Complex SEEB Multi M June 2012 Royal Court Affairs(DIWAN)
55 Bachelor Accomm at Royal Gardens & Farms SOHAR Multi M July 2012 Royal Court Affairs(DIWAN)
56 Proposed Dental Clinic SOHAR Multi M August 2012 Ministry of Health
57 Accommodation buildings at Golf Course QURUM Multi M August 2012 Govt. Office, Oman
58 Military Commercial Complex MAWALEH Multi M August 2012 Sub-consultant to GTEC (Government project)
59 Muscat Airport Accommodation MUSCAT Multi M June 2013 Government Office
61 Salalah Airport Accommodation SALALAH Multi M December 2013 Government Office
62 Officers Mess (FOQ/JOQ) and Accommodation – RAFO Salalah and Musannah Airbase SALALAH & MUSANNAH     Ministry of Defence (Sub-consultant to TRIAD Oman)
63 Royal Flight – VVIP Reception Building SEEB Multi M June 2014 Royal Court Affairs(DIWAN)
64 Construction of Harim Project at RAFO Khassab, Jabal Harim, Jabal Shams & RAFO Musannah Khassab, Jabal Harim, Jabal Shams & Musannah 12.5 M February 2015 Ministry of Defence
65 Oman Electric Transmission Co     June 2016 Ibn Khaldun Al Madean (IKAM)
66 Extn. to AFH Medical Hospital AL KHOUDH 30 M October 2016 Ministry of Defence
67 The Sultan's School, Muscat MUSCAT   October 2016 Sub-Consultant to Graphite Int’l
68 Proposed Offices for various RCA units MABELA SOUTH   April 2016 Royal Court Affairs (DIWAN)
69 New Head Office Building – NBO (Full package including Facilities Management & Housekeeping package, Security, ID, IT & AV & Furniture packages) AZAIBA 37 M April 2017 National Bank of Oman

Post Contract Q S Service

1 New HQ Building – Extension to Internal Audit Building MAM 0.84 M August 2010 Ministry of Defence
2 6 Villas at QURUM QURUM 0.4 M November 2011 HH Al Sayyid Shihab bin Tariq Al Said
3 Residential cum Commercial building AZAIBA 1.0 M June 2012 HH Al Sayyid Shihab bin Tariq Al Said
4 Quantification and re-pricing of assets and inventories of various types from Buildings to Tugs, Cranes Tractors, Trailors, Forklifts etc for insurance purpose. VARIOUS 200 M April 2013 The Port Services Corporation
5 18 November Street & GHALA Street (Final Account) GHALA   July 2012 The Port Services Corporation
6 Construction of National Defence College, BAF B A F 06.0 M December 2013 Ministry of Defence
7 Construction Supervision Services – AL DUQUM Airport (International) PKG1 DUQUM 23.0 M January 2014 Sub-consultant to IKAM (MOT&C)
8 Construction of OMINVEST House BAUSHAR AL SAROOJ 3.7 M March 2014 Ominvest
9 AL DUQUM Airport PKG 2 DUQUM 23.0 M April 2014 Sub-consultant to IKAM (MOT&C)
10 Construction of New Jetty, Storage Sheds, Admin & Social Facilities WUDAM 23.0 M May 2014 Sultan bin Said Naval Base, Ministry of Defence
11 New Military Hospital for Sultan's Armed Forces SALALAH 12.0 M August 2014 Ministry of Defence
12 Lecture Hall for Staff College BAF   October 2014 Sub-consultant to GTEC (Govt project)
13 Mooring Facilities (Harbour) & construction of Asphalt Road HALLANIYAT 38 M April 2015 Sub-consultant to IKAM (MOT&C)
14 Military Commercial Complex with complete Infrastructure MAWALEH 8 M June 2015 Ministry of Defence (Sub-consultant to GTEC )
15 Design & Construction of Al Faroosiya Street Interchange AL FAROOSIYA 12.3 M February 2016 Muscat Municipality
16 Construction of Harim Project at RAFO Khassab, Jabal Harim, Jabal Shams & RAFO Musannah Khassab, Jabal Harim, Jabal Shams & Musannah 12.5 M May 2017 Ministry of Defence