Our History

Daan Shaaban Office, Grade-1 Chartered Quantity Surveying firm, manned by over 50 qualified and experienced staff in various disciplines.

Founded in 1977 as a representative office in the Sultanate of Oman, the Oman regional office was wholly acquired in the first quarter of 1992 by Daan Shaaban Qattan, an Omani national and RICS (UK) accredited CharteredSurveyor.

In 1997 Eton Consultants was obliged to shelve its operations to comply with the prevalent government regulations which necessitated the title holders or founding members of consultancy firms to relinquish the corresponding positions held at ministries/government establishments. Since the title-holder of Eton Consultants (Daan Shaaban Qattan) was then a Senior Projects Engineer at Ministry of Defence, it was obligatory to suspend the operations of Eton Consultants since retirement/ resignation was premature.

By 2006 June Daan Shaaban Qattan obtained approval for premature retirement from the government position and subsequently re-launched the consultancy operations under a new name Daan Shaaban Office, Quantity Surveying Consultancy. The name change was due to a proviso in the Government directive forbidding the use of foreign names in local ownerships.