What are the 5 Building Construction Types

The International Building Code defines buildings into five building construction types. The primary purpose of categorizing various building types is to establish a basic level of safety for occupants in the event of an emergency such as a fire. When deciding on which types to use, it’s important to take into account square footage and occupancy load.

How to Specify the Level of Construction

The building construction process are described by letters such as A & B with the letter A being more stringent than letter B which would provide higher levels of protection in times where there was an emergency situation like burning down a house for example. Type I is considered to be the safest construction because it’s made from quality materials. Type V provides minimal protection against fire or other calamities that may occur due to natural disasters or accidents.

The primary purpose of categorizing

The International Building Code (IBC) divides buildings into five types based on their construction. Type I has the most stringent requirements, while Type V has the least stringent requirements. Each type of construction is further classified as “A” or “B,” with type B being the most basic and type A being the most advanced. Before you get too involved in the planning details, you should work with your building designer to outline your needs and requirements.

Type V: Wood building construction process

A Type V-B construction is a budget-friendly option that does not require any fire-resistance rating for the building elements. 

Type IV – Heavy Timber Framing Construction

Timber framing is a type of construction that utilizes heavy timber and beams, as opposed to the standard wood frame. 

Type III- Non-Combustible Walls Construction

The constructions companies in Muscat, Oman usually go for this type. This type of construction is made up entirely of non-combustible materials to maintain safety within a building. 

Type II – 1 Hour Fire Resistance Non-Combustible Construction

Many building construction company use Type II construction. This type of construction includes all building materials. It includes interior walls, framing, floors, roofing and exteriors made from metal or concrete blocks.

There are two classifications for this kind of material

Type I – 2 to 3 Hours Fire Resistance Non-Combustible Construction

Type I buildings are a great choice for anyone looking to invest in the safest construction type. These high quality, non-combustible materials provide protection against fire and are rated up to withstand fires of two or three hours duration. In terms of fire resistance requirements, the most stringent of building models. A Type I building must consist of non-combustible substances such as concrete or steel, including its ceiling.

How is the building construction company type defined?


Building Construction Types are the building blocks of how we operate on the field. We can see the similarities and differences between them by breaking structures into the five different types of buildings. which factors influence how we vent the different structures. A building is best identified during planning. Planing can identify the type of the building when it is on the stage. Moreover, when companies are close and personal to a building, there are several diagnostic techniques they can use.

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