Claims, Arbitration and Legal interpretation

In order for an arbitration agreement to be enforceable, both parties must agree to it. However, despite the fact that this proposition appears to be straightforward on the surface, determining whether or not the parties have agreed to arbitrate a specific dispute is frequently a difficult task. In order to provide an answer to this question, it is necessary to first address a number of related issues. Contractor claims are subject to analysis, investigation, and reporting.

Any negotiations that may take place in connection with those claims are also subject to analysis, investigation, and reporting. Our expertise lies in the preparation of claims for contractors, as well as in all negotiations that may arise in connection with those claims. Arbitration, expert testimony, litigation, and dispute adjudication are just a few examples of the types of cases that can be brought. With no doubt, arbitration translations can be challenging for even the most experienced translators to complete correctly and on time. The most appropriate choice is a translator or translation agency that has demonstrated experience in the legal industry and for the relevant countries in question. We represent our clients in all types of claims, arbitrations, and legal interpretations, among other things.

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