Construction Cost Control

To ensure that both design and construction activities are performed within the client's budget, the firm performs cost planning and cost checking during the design and/or supervision phases, as well as establishing and implementing a construction period cost control system during the construction phase. Our construction cost control system is extremely thorough and ensures that all work meets the tightest of budgets.

The set-up includes a design phase to ensure plans meet client budgets, as well as project management and monitoring processes for the building of structures. Established practices include validation of materials numbers against actual quantities on site, verification of drawings and schedules against current working conditions, the proper allocation for contingencies, use memoranda between parties in order to have simultaneous understanding and reduce errors), protecting against loss due to delays and the list goes on, And perhaps most importantly, costs are reduced because the firm examines costs on a continuous basis during these periods.

We promise not only high-quality service and system but also cost-effectiveness, thanks to its innovative solutions!

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