Tender and Contract Documentation

Are you planning a construction project? Allow Tender and Contract Documentation to assist you in navigating the hazards of learning to cope with a situation when you do not have institutional expertise. Every aspect has been mastered by our expert services team, allowing you to devote more time to managing your business rather than filling out paperwork. The firm provides advice on tendering procedures and contract arrangements, as well as the preparation of Bills of Quantities and contract documents for the purpose of contract procurement. In addition, the firm provides tender evaluation services, assists in the selection of acceptable contractors, and negotiates contract terms and conditions.

Facilities Management and Housekeeping packages comprising several disciplines to assure the functionality of the physical environment by integrating the people, place, process, and technology of an organisation are also specialities of the company's. We can assist you with the preparation of correct tender documentation for your company, and we encourage anyone who requires assistance in this area to contact us promptly.

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